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Quran Tutors in Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is a major city in Scotland where Muslims are living in a good proportion of the population. Sizeable Muslim families also live in the nearby areas. Muslims know the importance of Islamic education and learning of the Quran for children at an early age. It is very important to learn and read the Quran without any mistakes. So proper tutoring and teaching from a qualified and experienced Qari or Qaria can help Muslim kids and grown-ups to learn Quran properly. It is a well-known fact that the wrong pronunciation of any Arabic word will change the meaning of the word and the whole sentence. To avoid making mistakes, the Muslims in Glasgow are concerned about getting good qualified Quran tutors for their family’s Islamic educational needs. Hence, there is an increase in the demand for male and female Quran teachers in Glasgow, Scotland.

Muslims are free to practice Islam in Glasgow and this is clearly shown by the number of mosques and Islamic schools operating in the city. Going to the mosque for their daily & Jumma prayers is not hard. Muslim community finds it easy to practice Islam in the city. One problem they encounter is not having a good local Quran tutor who can come to their home to teach the Holy Quran and Salah to their children. Online Quran Teaching Academy is the best solution for those who are unable to find the right home tutor for the Quran Reading education. Online Quran Learning has been made very easy, simpler, and understandable with the help of qualified male & female Quran tutors. Quran Teachers online are now providing their live tutoring services via Skype which are very useful for Muslim pupils living in Glasgow. Adjustable Quran class timings, proper revision, and practice through online Quran services at the comfort of their own home have made learning the Quran very easy for Muslim parents. More Muslim people are signing up their daughters and sons for online Quran courses in Glasgow.

Muslims living in Glasgow and nearby areas have much dedication towards practicing Islam and gaining Islamic knowledge. Many beautiful mosques are proof of Scottish Muslims’ devotion towards Islam in the country. One of the very famous mosques of Glasgow is Glasgow Central Mosque which is found in the center of Glasgow. It is situated on the South Bank of the River Clyde in the Gorbals district. The mosque is the purpose-built masjid and it is the first one in the area.

Many Islamic Centers and schools are also found in the city. The Islamic Centre of the city is called the Central Institution for the Muslim Community. The community strives to educate people regarding the teachings of Islam. The center is associated with the mosque which is the largest mosque of Glasgow city. This center is responsible for providing services to not just the Muslim community but also to the non-Muslim community of the area.

There are many mosques and Islamic centers in Glasgow city that are working to educate Muslim kids and providing Islamic and Quranic education. But there is still a great demand for private Quran tutors to understand the pupils’ pace and work accordingly. Such Quran tutors can be hired through Online Quran Learning services such as Quran Home School who provide qualified and experienced Quran teachers who teach online to their students and help them learn Quran Reading with tajweed. Class timings are scheduled according to the student’s availability. Female Quran teachers are also available at a reasonable monthly fee. Please sign up for the Quran Reading class today.

Quran Tutoring in Manchester, England

Manchester is a major city in the north of England with a rich industrial history. Over 15% of Greater Manchester’s population is Muslim. Thousands of Muslim families of all backgrounds live and work in Manchester. The city has many beautiful mosques and Islamic Schools, where Muslims freely practice their religious and Islamic traditions. The Islamic schools provide religious and modern education to Muslim children.
Manchester is well-known for its famous beautiful mosques. Muslims find it convenient to live nearby the mosque and stay in touch with the Muslim community. Some of the famous mosques in the city are Manchester Central Mosque, Didsbury Mosque Manchester, UK Islamic Mission Manchester, Hadayat ul Muslimeen Mosque Manchester, Khanqah Naqshbandiya Mujaddidiya Manchester, Dar-ul-Uloom Qadria Jilania Islamic Centre Manchester, Ithad-ul-Muslemeen Manchester, Minhaj-ul-Qur’an Central Mosque Manchester, Jamia Rasoolia Islamic Centre Manchester. These all mosques are beautifully constructed and many visitors to Manchester visit them only for sake of seeing them.
Islam is a growing religion in Manchester. The city is known to have Muslim mosques of all types, representing different shades of the local Muslim population. Many non-Muslims are also converting to Islam. That is why the need for Islamic and Quranic education is increasing very fast. People are demanding Quran tutors to come to their homes to teach Quran Reading to their kids. Since local Quran teachers can not fill the demand and also the cost is too high. This problem has been solved by online Quran tutoring academies. There are many benefits of Online Quran tutoring services. One of the obvious reasons for having an online Quran teacher is the lack of home Quran tutors in Manchester. Even though there are many mosques and Islamic schools, still the growing need is not yet fulfilled. Therefore, people look for online Quran classes for their children.
Qualified male and female Online Quran tutors are available at Quran HomeSchool who can help people living in Manchester. Learning the Quran online is made simple and easy by experienced Qaris & Qarias. As the language of Manchester-born Muslim kids is English, they find learning the Holy Quran in Arabic or Urdu a little difficult. Muslims are well-aware of the significance of not making even a small mistake while reading the Quran. The reason is known as the meaning of the whole sentence is changed only if the pronunciation is done wrong. Therefore Muslims pay extra attention to learn the Quran in a proper way (with tajweed) so that any mistake can be avoided.
Online Quran tutors teach the students according to the pupil’s pace. As every Muslim pupil has their own pace in learning Quran so repeated revisions are necessary for properly learning the Quran. The tutors understand the capability of the Muslim girls & boys and how quickly they can learn the Quran. So they adjust the Quran lessons according to their pace and therefore can accommodate all kinds of students. Because Quran education is mandatory and no student should be left behind just for the reason that his pace is slower than the rest.
Online Quran Tutoring service is the best solution for the busy Muslim families in Manchester. Since the service started, many people have been taking advantage of this online Quran academy. They can have their desired schedule and can learn from female Quran teachers. Online Quran learning school is a simple way of learning Quran Reading and other Quran courses from the comfort of your home. Thousands of Muslim kids have already successfully completed their courses online such as Quran Recitation, Quran Translation, and Hifz ul Quran. Pleaseregister for Quran classes today.

Quran Teaching Academy in Birmingham, UK

Birmingham is the 2nd largest city of the United Kingdom. It has a population of over a million people. About thirty percent of its population is Muslim. There are thousands of Muslims families who call Birmingham their home. The city not only offers them peaceful living but it also has many mosques and Islamic schools for free practice of religion and Islamic education. Muslims find it very easy to practice Islam in the city.


According to a research, more than 200 mosques exist in the city which are either purpose built or converted prayer halls. These mosques are sometimes the warehouses which are converted to mosques. Some of the cinemas and old churches have been converted to the Mosques in Birmingham in which Muslims perform their prayers. One of the most important mosques which is also an Islamic center in the city of Birmingham is the Central Jamia Masjid Ghamkol Sharif. It is quite a famous and well-known mosque.


Many Islamic schools and libraries can be found in Birmingham which offer Quran education to Muslims. Although the spread and development of mosques are increasing in the city, the need of Quran tutors is not satisfied by the local Quran tutors. Hence many male & female Quran teachers have volunteered  their services for the spread of Quran education and knowledge online.


Number of Online Quran Classes are increasing as many experienced tutors are signing up for providing the service. These online Quran teachers are qualified and very helpful for the Muslim kids. They understands the needs of the young Muslim students. These English speaking male & female online Quran tutors are multi years experienced and teach Basic Qaida & Quran Reading classes according to the pace of their students. Some students find it hard to learn the Quran in Arabic, so such students are given special attention and are allowed to revise the lessons as many times as desired.


Few important mosques of Birmingham like Jami Masjid & Islamic Centre in Coventry Road also offer Quran education but online has the benefit of providing Quranic teachings at your home. The city of Birmingham is also very famous for its Islamic schools providing Quran education to Muslims. There are many bookstores for the Muslims in the city and many libraries which also include the exhibition centers. There is a very important Birmingham Mosque Trust in the city which has the significant Shariah Council. It provides guidelines to the Muslims according to the Shariah. The most famous organization of the city is the Da’wah of the Islam organization.


These organizations have strengthened the Muslims in the cities like Birmingham among many others. This has increased the interest of Muslims to learn the Quran and follow it. Hence the online Quran teaching services are in great demand in Birmingham. Now Muslims are keen on learning it. And online Quran education has many benefits as well. One of which is learning at home with flexible timings according to the needs of the students. Online Quran learning also proves to be very useful for those who are not able to find home tutors.  Best solution for Muslim girls and sisters is the online Quran service which is now available for the people living in Birmingham. Quran Home School is a great place of learning the Quran online. Please register for the free trial classes today.

Online Quran Tutoring Service in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh holds a prominent name in the cities of the United Kingdom having a good size of the Muslim population. Edinburgh has a vibrant Muslim population and is growing through the increase in the awareness of Islam and the conversion of non-Muslims to Islam. The movement of Muslims from other cities like London and Manchester is also one of the factors of the increase in the Muslim population in Edinburgh.


Muslims in the UK prefer to visit and live in Edinburgh, Scotland because it offers many good facilities for Muslim families. For example, the city offers a wide range of halal foods which are always difficult for Muslims to find. This is one of the attractions of Muslims in this city. The best known halal restaurants in Edinburgh include Mezbaan South Indian, Omar Khayam, Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant, Kebabish Original, Baguette King, Imans Restaurant, etc. These are the few famous names of the restaurants available in Edinburgh. The city has good health and educational institutions. It is a great place for Muslims to live and work.


Moreover, many mosques are found in this area. The city also has various shopping centers for Muslims where Islamic clothing and essentials can be easily found. A good number of festivals are also hosted by this city. Some popular mosques in Edinburgh include the Edinburgh Central Mosque, Shah Jalal Mosque and Islamic Centre, Anwar-e-Madina Mosque, Islamic Society, Pakistan Community Centre & Mosque, Mosque, And Islamic Community Centre (Roxburgh), etc. These are the few names of the famous mosques found in the city.


Hence the city of Edinburgh is a great place for Muslim families to live as they can practice their faith without any hesitation. Beautiful mosques are filled with Muslims and they offer their prayers in peace and harmony. With the growing population of Muslims in Edinburgh, there is also a growing concern about the lack of qualified and affordable Quran learning centers in the city. Many people want their kids to learn the Quran properly as they realize the importance of learning the Quran from a qualified Quran teacher. So to fill this demand for teaching Holy Quran, many Online Quran tutors offer their services for the seekers of Quran learning. Teachers at Quran HomeSchool Academy are qualified and very experienced to understand the pace of the student’s learning speed and they teach according to their pace. The monthly fee for the Quran Reading course at QuranHomeSchool.com is affordable and one can comfortably pay via Paypal.


As the Quran is in the Arabic language it is not understandable to the people of Edinburgh who mostly speak English. So it gets hard for them to learn on their own. And not easily getting any home-based Quran tutor makes the online Quran teaching service the best solution for those who are looking for Quran classes. Online Quran service like QuranHomeSchool.com has made it very easy to learn and read Quran. As they provide one week of free trial classes so that students and parents can evaluate the Quran teacher. Also, the timings of the classes are flexible and can be easily scheduled according to the needs of the students. There are many benefits if someone pursues online Quran tutoring and with the help of good professional Quran teachers, it is further made easier for all students to learn Quran Reading with Tajweed. For online Quran classes from a male or female Quran teacher please register at Quran Home School today.


Paying Quran Reading fee by PayPal

As parents are busy with their own lives and due to the frequent changes in the school schedules, there is always a significant burden on students to manage time for Quran Reading Classes in a local mosque or going to an Islamic School. Whether you are a student or a working person, online Quran classes make it easy for you to get a Quran course at your desired time schedule. Online Quran teaching experts teach you with their expertise and train you with proper Quran recitation rules and the right way of Quran reading with tajweed. The quality of teaching by our Quran teachers is never compromised, being the most reputed Quran teaching website www.quranhomeschool.com we take care of the quality and performance of our Quran teachers.


Is it worth paying for the online Quran classes?


Foremost, many well-known online Quran teaching platforms like www.quranhomeschool.com provide free Quran learning trial classes so that a pupil could have an idea of the level of teaching and if he or she is comfortable continuing with the particular online course. Once you are satisfied with the teaching process, you can pay for the Quran course. This will not only save you money but also save your time as you are sure about their style of Quran coaching, which suits you well. One can check if the Quran tutor gives attention to you individually and teaches the primary tajweed rules which are mandatory in Quran recitation. Now, let’s talk about the payment methods and procedures used by online Quran websites:


What are the payment methods for online Quran lessons?


No doubt, learning the Holy Quran while sitting at your home is the best option anyone could have. Also, it is essential to know the Payment procedures if there are weekly or monthly fee payment methods. Some of the people are okay to pay weekly, but most of the people like monthly fee payment. Then, the critical part is the payment’s medium? Is it only a bank transfer or any other way that can suit you?


Quran Home School Academy accepts the monthly fee via the following payment methods:


  • PayPal


PayPal is very popular and it is accepted almost all over the world. You can quickly pay your monthly fee by PayPal. Just with a click and here, you are done with the payment for the Quran Reading course. No need to use a bank check or pay by cash.


  • Credit card


A credit card is also an easy way of paying for your Online Quran classes. You can use your credit card via PayPal. For online Quran Classes payment, you will never type your credit card details at Quran HomeSchool’s website. All credit card payments are received through the PayPal portal.


  • MoneyGram


Not everyone would like to pay by credit card or PayPal, so there should be another way. MoneyGram transfer is an easy way, especially for those who do not have bank accounts. It’s similar to Western Union. You can pay the fee for the Online Quran lessons by MoneyGram in a simple way. A small transfer fee is charged by MoneyGram.


  • Western Union


You can also pay your monthly fee via Western Union for your Online Quran classes. You don’t need to waste time in any complicated ways. A small transfer fee is charged by Western Union.

Learning Quran Reading With Tajweed

First of all, we must know ‘What exactly is Tajweed?’. As the Quran recitation is essential for a Muslim, it makes the reader clearer about what’s written in the Quran when one absorbs it along with Tajweed.

Let’s get to know about what tajweed or tajwid is known to be from an Islamic point of view:

Define Tajweed:

Tajweed is known to be the knowledge and purpose of the recitation rules in the Holy Quran. This gives the specific meaning of the Quran the same as described by our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).


What is the Importance of Tajweed?


Tajweed is the way that makes you get the correct pronunciation of the letters of the Arabic language. The points and characteristics become more comfortable, and one can avoid errors due to the Tajweed rules. These are not just the words that should be proclaimed correctly, yet it is the origin of Allah’s true words that have demonstrated, why and how life should be lived as per the regulation of experience in every aspect. Hence, the Quran recitation is like a remedial mode for any sorrows and obstacles in life. Another reason that Quranis words shouldn’t be mispronounced is that it can be great wrongdoing if any of the Muslims pronounce it differently as it alters the entire meaning of the Quranic ayat.


How can one learn the Quran online?


In this era, nothing is challenging to learn, and when it comes to today’s technology, you can learn Quran with tajweed via online Quran classes where you meet the experts who know all the points that need to be kept in mind. No doubt, you can read at home, yet it is always beneficial for one to have a good base by using the right use of Tajweed under the guidance of a qualified male or female Quran teacher. Asserting the words of the Arabic language can be a bit tricky for non-Arabic speaking people. Once you are connected with an online Quran tutor, this is the time you will be taught with the best knowledge about reading the Quran with the right pronunciation. The specialists make your pronunciation thoroughly, and they also help you to teach the junction sequences of the Arabic words, rules of having a break on some of the terms, and more in the online passage of the Quran.


What are the benefits of learning the Quran with tajweed online?


  • You can acquire the Quran online promptly, sitting at your home, which is absolute comfort.

  • The schedule never gets disturbed because you can avail yourself the offer of learning the Quran at your desired time anywhere.

  • Highly qualified male and female Quran teachers are hired by the official online Quran academy to give the best skills to Muslim boys and girls.

  • Online Quran teaching websites provide free trial Quran classes to the students so that they can get the experience of Quran tutor’s teaching abilities. After the free Quran reading trial classes, students or parents can decide whether they like to proceed or not.


As we know that Quran reading and learning with the in-depth knowledge of Tajweed is important for Muslim men and women, which has been made possible and manageable for anyone at any age to learn it online!

Learning Quran via Skype

What if you get a qualified and certified online Quran tutor to teach you from the other part of the world? Isn’t it convenient and straightforward these days? Right? So, why not. It is okay that the teacher is not present in person, yet you can learn Quran online sitting at your home. Learning the Quran via skype has become a mode of learning Quran online as it is highly suitable and at a reasonable cost. Also, if you are a student or doing a job then maybe it gets difficult for you to follow the set schedule of the local mosque or Quran academy near you for learning the Quran yet, Skype classes make it more comfortable as you can schedule those in your free time of the week. Skype has improved their technology, and it has become a great way to have the teaching by sharing the screens and getting all the knowledgeable material you need to understand the Quran. 


What is required for learning the Quran via Skype?


It doesn’t matter where you live; if you are willing to learn the Holy Quran nowadays, then we would say you can do it quite easily. All Muslim kids and adults can learn the Quran via skype quite quickly for which you only need the internet and your computer or laptop or IPad. Highly skilled tutors know how to teach Quran reading lessons more skillfully and motivating. Such a tutor also knows how to cope with the online environment of class and conduct the lecture more excitingly. They plan the lectures before the course to be fully aware of what they are going to teach in a sequence. In this way, students will grasp quite effortlessly.

Skype is one of the best technology software that lets you connect with anyone with a single click. Most of the Quran online institutions are using Skype for teaching the Quran as it is user friendly and can be connected easily. Also, Skype is totally free to download. 


What are the advantages of Quran Reading classes with Skype?


There are enormous advantages to learning the Quran online through Skype. Yet, qualified teachers are always available to teach you sincerely about the Tajweed rules in the Quran, so you can learn Quran in a proper way of  Quran recitation that is important for Muslims to recite it correctly. You can choose any teacher all over the world who you think you can learn better. Also, you can now have a balance between your work, family, studies, and Quran learning as well.


You can choose from a collection of courses that students can learn via skype. Such as: 

  • Basic Qaida knowledge that leads to the understanding of tajweed
  • Quran Translation in your convenient language that you can understand
  • If you want to be a ‘Hafizul Quran,’ then this can also be done by online Quran teaching 
  • Other Islamic lessons and Salah/ Namaz can also be learned online via skype with qualified Quran scholars or tutors.


If you are a beginner, then you can start learning from basic Qurani Qaida to have a good foundation. Skype Quran classes would be an excellent way for anyone, as it is not difficult to handle. Start it now at Quran HomeSchool to have brilliant success.

Female Quran Tutor

Holy Quran is the only book with all the uniqueness and complete guidance of Allah. It guides us on how we should make our lives better and how we can apply this pure knowledge in our current world and, of course, the next world. The Quran is in the Arabic language, which could be different from our mother tongue, and that is the reason it’s all our responsibility to learn the Quran with proper tajweed too.


Yet, there are many times when Muslim girls and ladies do not feel comfortable learning Quran with male teachers, and also, it’s highly challenging to find a female Quran teacher who can teach the children at home. Nowadays, this problem has been quickly resolved with the help of online classes in which you can opt for male or female teachers. Many known platforms are teaching the Quran online, where they provide female teachers who are fully known about Tarteel and Tajweed’s rules. Hence, your children can learn the Quran proper way at the ease of sitting at home and learning it whenever they want.


Benefits of learning from a female Quran Teacher online:


  • The flexibility of timing is the primary benefit. Muslim girls and ladies can learn the Quran at any time of their convenience with a female teacher.

  • The online Qaria can give the children full attention individually, and the learners can get the knowledge with the concepts of Tajweed and Tarteel. If you are a slow learner, this is the most important thing for you as you do not need to worry about the pace of all the others. You can just keep on learning Quran at your speed.

  • Because of the professional and highly qualified female Quran teachers, it is highly beneficial for any boy or a girl to learn the Quran from home.

  • If you are an English speaker, then utilizing the online classes can be the most natural way as the qualified female teachers assist you in reading the Quran in English as well to make you aware of the concept and to make a more precise meaning.

  • Last but not the least, the security of your girls and daughters is on the top, and reading the Quran online makes it convenient and secure.


Ensuring the quality of the teaching Quran:


We all worry about online buying or learning things as when you pay for anything, and it can be a chance if you waste it because the quality is not what you needed. Yet, many legit and highly known Quran online websites offer free trial classes to assure the qualified teachers and quality of the teaching. Online classes assist your children in more Islamic courses to make your girl knowledgeable more than expected. As you see, those typical institutes where there are specific small courses, yet it is different and valuable when it comes to online Quran teaching.


Therefore, if you wish that your girl child learns the Quran in the governance of a qualified female teacher, then online classes at QuranHomeSchool would be the best option as the tutors are fluent in English, Arabic, Urdu, and other languages. It doesn’t matter where you are living,sign up with us now, and start learning the Quran with Tajweed, and you do not need to go anywhere!

Quran Reading Course in London

Quran learning course in London is no more a challenge. Now online Quran learning platforms are easily accessible to the people living in the London area. These online institutions are designed to teach from basic Qaida to advance level regardless of age, gender, lifestyle, and above all flexible teaching hours. To build and promote the essentials of religion, unconventional techniques and comprehensive syllables are used by Islamic schools in London. Therefore, instead of driving to the faraway mosque for Quran classes, you can join an online Quran Academy like www.QuranHomeSchool.com for Quran reading, Quran recitation, Quran translation, and Quran memorization classes. Here students are prepared in a way that they can use the best of their wisdom to understand the religion and exercise it in their daily life.


Online Quran School is not a part of any specific group or mosques or organization. The primary focus of this platform is to facilitate people who want to learn the Holy Quran at any stage of life having busy schedules, in a very flexible manner. Equally beneficial for Muslim women who are housewives or cant travel easily to mosques or teaching centers because of their household responsibilities and set routines.


QuranHomeSchool.com is not associated with any specific sect or group. Our objective is to encourage authentic teachings of Islam based on the Quran and Sunnah. We offer services for people with different academic backgrounds, social and cultural values.


The online classes include Quran Reading, Quran recitation, Quran memorization, and Quran translation. In addition to this, students are coached in a way that they can both religiously and spiritually understand the relationship with Allah.

QuranHomeSchool.com is one of the leading Online platforms for Quran classes. It was founded in 2011 to provide virtual Quran Reading courses to students around the world. Highly qualified and certified Quran teachers are available here. Qualified Quran instructors are available 24/7 to provide Quran Lessons for beginners as well as to people of all ages and educational backgrounds.


The primary focus of tutors at QuranHomeSchool.com is to improve the recitation and reading skills of the students ensuring that they learn to read the Quran with Tajwid. The main feature of this online academy is the virtual classes for Quran reading skills. 

Referring to the sacred words:


“The best among you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” [Sahih al-Bukhari 5027] 


Therefore, Quran Home School is making your access more comfortable to learn the Quran. So, if you are looking for a Molvi Sahab online, then this is the best place for you.

Please Sign up and join us.