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At we make sure that the Quran learning experience is effective and fruitful, so that the students of our online Quran Tutoring classes learn the Quran properly with Tajweed.

 Quran Reading is one of the best Quran Tutoring Academy and a well-known online Quran School among the students & the parents who wish their children to be taught by a qualified and experienced Quran Teacher.


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  • We provide experienced English speaking male & female Quran tutors
  • We provide one-to-one online Quran Classes with live Quran tutors
  • We offer one week of free trial Quran classes


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It's a great opportunity for every Muslim to learn the Holy Quran at his most convenient time. We are very careful about the material on our website. Therefore, we strictly make sure that all the material comes from a reliable source and has been proof-read by Muslim scholars. We have taken all the necessary measures to ensure that the content on this website is error-free. In the event that you still find mistakes in the Arabic text or any translations, however, then we’d request you to immediately report these inaccuracies so that we can rectify them as quickly as possible. Register