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Quran Teaching Academy in Birmingham, UK

Birmingham is the 2nd largest city of the United Kingdom. It has a population of over a million people. About thirty percent of its population is Muslim. There are thousands of Muslims families who call Birmingham their home. The city not only offers them peaceful living but it also has many mosques and Islamic schools for free practice of religion and Islamic education. Muslims find it very easy to practice Islam in the city.


According to a research, more than 200 mosques exist in the city which are either purpose built or converted prayer halls. These mosques are sometimes the warehouses which are converted to mosques. Some of the cinemas and old churches have been converted to the Mosques in Birmingham in which Muslims perform their prayers. One of the most important mosques which is also an Islamic center in the city of Birmingham is the Central Jamia Masjid Ghamkol Sharif. It is quite a famous and well-known mosque.


Many Islamic schools and libraries can be found in Birmingham which offer Quran education to Muslims. Although the spread and development of mosques are increasing in the city, the need of Quran tutors is not satisfied by the local Quran tutors. Hence many male & female Quran teachers have volunteered  their services for the spread of Quran education and knowledge online.


Number of Online Quran Classes are increasing as many experienced tutors are signing up for providing the service. These online Quran teachers are qualified and very helpful for the Muslim kids. They understands the needs of the young Muslim students. These English speaking male & female online Quran tutors are multi years experienced and teach Basic Qaida & Quran Reading classes according to the pace of their students. Some students find it hard to learn the Quran in Arabic, so such students are given special attention and are allowed to revise the lessons as many times as desired.


Few important mosques of Birmingham like Jami Masjid & Islamic Centre in Coventry Road also offer Quran education but online has the benefit of providing Quranic teachings at your home. The city of Birmingham is also very famous for its Islamic schools providing Quran education to Muslims. There are many bookstores for the Muslims in the city and many libraries which also include the exhibition centers. There is a very important Birmingham Mosque Trust in the city which has the significant Shariah Council. It provides guidelines to the Muslims according to the Shariah. The most famous organization of the city is the Da’wah of the Islam organization.


These organizations have strengthened the Muslims in the cities like Birmingham among many others. This has increased the interest of Muslims to learn the Quran and follow it. Hence the online Quran teaching services are in great demand in Birmingham. Now Muslims are keen on learning it. And online Quran education has many benefits as well. One of which is learning at home with flexible timings according to the needs of the students. Online Quran learning also proves to be very useful for those who are not able to find home tutors.  Best solution for Muslim girls and sisters is the online Quran service which is now available for the people living in Birmingham. Quran Home School is a great place of learning the Quran online. Please register for the free trial classes today.