from all of you, the person who learns Quran and teacher, is the best
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Course Plan

Plans Days Per Week Duration Monthly Fee (US & Canada) Monthly Fee (UK) Monthly Fee (Europe)
Plan A 2 days 30 minutes $35 £25 €30
Plan B 3 days 30 minutes $50 £35 €45
Plan C 5 days 30 minutes $75 £55 €65
Plan D 4 days 30 minutes $65 £50 €55

Our program is available to individuals of all ages, from children to old people, without any distinction.

Our One-to-One Quran classes enable the tutors and students on where to start from. Tutors usually assess the current level of the student and recommend on where to start from, either from the very first or any other level.

Family/ Multiple Students discount

Students Discount (%) Payable Fee (%)
1st Student Nil 100 %
2nd Student 10 % 90 %
3rd Student 10 % 90 %

The fees of our program are among the lowest on the web. Please Sign Up for one week Free Trial Quran Reading Classes.

Note: Students from other countries can use currency converter to see the cost in their local currency.